My name is Kristian. Also known as Autosad. I am an audio sound engineer, musician, singer, and songwriter who is passionate and committed to creating and producing high quality music and art. I have been a musician ever since I was a toddler, but later developed a keen ear and a love for the great albums by the world’s best producers (Alan Parsons, Steven Wilson, George Martin, Brian Eno, Steve Albini, and many others). I have produced, wrote, and performed my own music as well as provided professional production services to other artists to ensure their visions are fulfilled. Being a lifelong musician myself, I understand the unique style of each artist  and the importance of bringing a musician's unique artistic visions to life and creating songs and sounds that are unique to the artist’s style. I am highly experienced with composing, creating, arranging, and rearranging, writing, mixing, mastering, recording, and production of musical compositions. I am proficient in a wide range of genres from indie/alternative/progressive rock, EDM, hip hop, pop, and acoustic singer/songwriter. I use skillful sound design, instrumental arrangements, and vocals in the development of songs and albums. I am proficient in the use of multiple DAWs, but primarily use Ableton Live and use multiple recording software plugins and virtual instruments. I am an Audio/Media Lab Instructor. I have a firm grasp of all modern sound editing techniques, hardware and software, and expertise in both analog and digital audio production domains.