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On Sovereignty

     Freedom means the unobstructed birth-right to pursue whatever endeavors fulfill you, and to be able to freely express your ideas, and to be able to live a life of your own trials and error, and to grow and evolve through these experiences so as to live a life of self-actualization, as long as your pursuit does NOT infringe on the livelihood of others and THEIR freedom to do the same.

    But........we live in a world where destructive propaganda is blurring and handicapping the minds of so many, and many people are particularly susceptible to internet culture, where insincerity, cynicism, and apathy are celebrated, while honesty and sincerity are ridiculed and mocked. And this is all only partly due to the failure of proper role modeling, the vapid social media culture, and the corporate meritocracy and monopolies.

     These are just a few of the things I see. We should ALL have the ability to think for ourselves, rather than adopt ideological views based on narratives handed to us by media and the culture machine. Anyone who disagrees is dehumanized (accused of being an agenda“-ist” of some type, and reduced to just one simple belief) and then banned and “canceled”. I find it scary, and dangerous for the future of this country, this world, and humanity in general.


    Individuals (human beings), in fact, are FAR more complex than just one simple idea or belief to be reduced to. We are fundamentally contradictory, emotionally and intellectually fluid and nuanced, and subject to change over any given time. Quick judgment is not benefiting anything or anyone, other than making the person who does it feel superior. This is why need to understand and determine our principles, and what our integrity means to us.

     The Constitution does not have a "misinformation" clause in it. We ALL have individual discernment abilities. To think we need social media to check our facts is insulting, and it tells us that we can't be trusted to use our own minds. So they filter reality FOR us. This is LAZY, as all ideologies are. Our collective beliefs then become playbooks from which we draw our "opinions". That is insane.

     None of us are obligated to remain tomorrow who we are today. We must constantly be in a state of objectivity and willing to evolve and change, and see truth for what it is, and keep our emotions separate from what we WISH the outcome to be. These terms, “facts” and “information” are thrown around as if there is only ONE SOURCE for these (and usually a mainstream corporate media outlet is quoted). Trust in the MSM is at an all time low, and for good reason.


    So...when actual credible data and information (aka "truth") is uncovered (via critical reasoning and judgment and real research) to the individual is in DIRECT conflict with the status quo, they will slander the messenger, and disregard the message. We also have to be willing to look at things from more than one side simultaneously (without judgment). That is the very meaning of critical thinking. But, in ideological views, the facts are bent and twisted, in order to meet a pre-supposed and preferred outcome (usually the popular one). I find it all nonsensical, childish, and dangerous. It seems that most people would prefer to be on the side of consensus, and free from ridicule, rather than the actual truth. Basically, in order to have principles, and stand for truth, sometimes, you may have to face harsh ridicule, and ostracization.

     Honest debate and constructive public discourse and have always been the cornerstone for who we are as a country and a culture (but these ideas are being phased OUT). Disagreements can be constructive, and through honest debate and open dialogue, we can draw conclusions, and compromises that better represent truth and reality. But instead, we get ONE SIDE forced upon us. It's called PROPAGANDA. Notice that anyone who believes in the idea of America, freedom, and the Constitution is now considered a "terrorist". Think about that for a moment. Really...who is planting these seeds into the mainstream media outlets.


   So, what we see today, is MORE division, and dehumanization if someone dares to disagree. It's social tyranny, and nothing changes. It only gets worse. I've seen more friendships and families get torn apart over differing opinions in the last 5 years than I've seen in my whole life. The media and government are whipping the public up into a frenzy, and everyone is so impassioned by their own viewpoints, that they become blinded to truth, or change, or possible compromise.



     It's a sad state we are all in, and I see it for what it is: the slow dismantling of society so that we must depend on institutions to legislate our lives. Again, it's insane, and it shows how the weak-minded are the ones pushing hard to be told how to live, and to tell others how to live. I don't claim to have the answers, but I DO know that the answers that are being handed to us deserve scrutiny, and I find it suspicious the amount of censorship and demonization that goes on unchecked. And I also find it troubling how few people see it as such.

     When I see the news, I get AUTO-matically SAD. So, I try not to overdose on media nowadays. It's an uphill battle, folks.


     I have always leaned towards the underdogs in life anyway, and have never been one to follow trends and the populace at large, so it sticks out to me when I see all our discussions being swayed, and shoved in a particular direction. Some don't see it. They just think that everything is right as it should be. I don't. I am a proponent of civil discourse, and also civil disobedience if need be. To quote Martin Luther King:  "It is our moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws". And, I have to agree. When the government (which is a man-made creation, designed to serve man, and to serve justice, as it is designed) has become the institution for which WE SERVE, it is time to re-evaluate our society and our government. Also, we need to re-think what "authority" means and who/what has it over you.


    People need to re-read the Constitution, and understand personal freedom. And then tell me whether you think that it is being upheld by the "government" at all currently. I see society falling for a lie. We are sheep, being shepherded off a cliff. And no one can say a thing otherwise. You either see it, or you don't: there is a dark hand pulling the strings on the main stage. Yet most people are just too proud to admit they fell for a lie. So, they defend their own slavemasters to keep up the illusion.


    I believe we deserve BETTER than this. I create my art around this belief in personal freedom and also in supporting one another in truth and decency. And I put all my blood, sweat, and tears right into my art. I hope you feel the same. If I'm speaking your language, you are WELCOME here. If you're one of those that believe others should do what YOU WANT them to do, or think you know what they SHOULD do: then BYE BYE, you’re not welcome here.

     I will REMAIN true to these words, until the day I die. I will fight for the truth even if it kills me. But, I will ALWAYS be kind.

    Join me in the fight to keep our lives free from tyranny, and to take the high ground when confronted by those who wish to silence us.

    Take care of yourselves and try your best to be empathetic towards those who may not see what you do.

Your friend,



Fun Fact:

The name AUTOSAD came to me as a tongue in cheek joke inspired by something I heard used in a Tantacrul video ("sad.mp3"), where it was said that in reality shows, they utilize the music to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. Whenever there is a part of the show where they are feigning sincerity and vulnerability, he said "cue the auto-sad". Music is powerful, and can be used to manipulate people, rather than connect through the human condition. I thought the term was ironic, so I borrowed it. (Thanks, Tantacrul)

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