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Our History.

Our entire history has been robbed from us purposefully by a group of people who have been conspiring for thousands of years to infiltrate every sect of society: politics, religion, business, entertainment, news, and all of culture. And a spell has been cast on us as a whole. Mass hypnosis. It's very true.  Nothing is what most people think it is. Nothing. There's more than one layer to this matrix to break free from. First, we break free from our personal psychological matrix; but that's only ONE layer. Then, you start looking into deeper layers of reality, and seeing the world for the puppet show that it really is. You will eventually come across descriptions of this cabal (or shadow government), basically, an elite bloodline of Satanic occultists that have been running the show, and for centuries. They tie back past through the Royal Family, the Egyptians, Sumerians and beyond. We're not sure of where they started, or the many different sects they branched and morphed into. We have guesses. Who knows what they're called, though many refer to the Freemasons, Jesuits, B'aal worshippers. (see: Adam Weishaupt).


But, I digress, because what they're called (if they even have a name) is meaningless. They are everywhere. Their work is embedded in our architecture, the dates and times of specific events, and even their names themselves. They LOVE to display their work and numerology into everything. They love to hide in plain sight. Or maybe they believe their karmic debt is absolved because they "told us" in some small fine print way that the contract has been accepted? Or maybe combinations of all of them. Who knows? But THIS is the Wizard of Oz. At BEST, when you turn on your TV, you're peering DIRECTLY at the smokescreen; a curtain designed to keep you in the dark, but believing you are free.


"Nothing to see here, folks. Get back to work, and stay fearful of all the imaginary boogeymen that we're keeping you safe from."


Now I'm not claiming to know everything that's behind the curtain, but what I DO know is that the curtain exists. And the yellow-brick road goes deeper than you ever could have imagined. And HERE'S the line that separates the sheep from the herd: Most people are so attached emotionally to their paradigm that they're simply not willing to peer too deeply behind the veil, because so much of what we cling to, and hold dear to us is actually all just a facade. And so, most people will only look so deeply into things, and then they stop... because the emotional attachment to the reality that they thought was real is greater than the desire for the ugly truth. 


All the wars, our history, our time line, countries, politics, ideas, movies, music, all of it is a Potemkin Village; a facade; a ghost town. Even our celebrities have been selected from how well they play ball and behave. All of it. It's a script from a running playbook. It's all been contrived for us to stare at and believe, so that we can keep working through another day, and the media can pretend it's all random and that life is just happening arbitrarily. But it's not. It's like a giant play book, and they're just running scripts. This really IS a matrix. And matrixes run scripts. Don't believe me? Skeptical? Ask yourself where the burden of proof lies. I'm not the one who proposed our history. I'm merely the guy asking questions of its authenticity. And the more I dig, the more I find lie, piled on lie, piled on conjecture, piled on disinformation. And it's all presented as accepted facts. History and truth have more nuance to it. It's NEVER that simple.


The good news is that there are some bringers of light out there that spark the minds to start thinking for themselves and peering beyond the onion layers. And, the breaking free and finding truth is NOT something someone can just "say" to someone. Truth does not exist in language, nor can it be quantified in a few words. It's a personal emancipation from all that we've been propagandized with. It's the opposite of words. It's NO words. I don't know if that makes sense to you yet. But, it's a challenge to try and wrap your head around. 


Ever notice now, how all the current social platforms have to put its little context banner on every video that discusses certain topics? As a possible "misinformation" warning? Ever wonder why they started doing that only a few years ago? Are we that dumb of a race that we can't figure things out for ourselves? We need THEM to filter it all out FOR us? REALLY??? Do they really need to protect the ears of it's moronic empty-headed populus? Notice too, that the genuises who support this stuff are always looking out for the "next guy" that might pick it up and run with it (oh, but not themselves, because they KNOW better).

It's insulting, really. Why did no one censor The National Enquirer (or any of the other entertainment rags) all these decades when they were making headlines with Bigfoot, and Alien Babies? It's corrupt, hypocritical, contradictory, and just plain lazy. They KNOW we're onto them. And they're scared. We started getting too on the nose a few years ago, and so they HAD to start shutting it down. Starting with algorithms that alter the authenticity of what is truly "trending" on these social media sites. Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube) and Jack Dorsey (former CEO of Twitter), have both openly admitted this. Why? They say it's to protect the public from "misinformation": Give me a break.

So, the other good news is that they are in damage control mode now, and it's obvious through all the back-pedaling and contradiction, as of late. They probably have thousands of people on the payroll to do it. Trading their souls and the future of humanity out for a buck. Sad. People are so easily bought  these days it's pathetic. Does anyone have principles and integrity anymore? It seems everyone's an opportunist now. People will call out for more censorship and control, especially if the price is right. Do we see yet, how the HUGE imbalance of wealth and the economic system along with fiat currency have COMPLETELY corrupted humanity into malleable Play-Dough for these elite scumbags? Anyone who speaks out is either censored or murdered.


And SO MUCH of what we're experiencing now is largely the result of propaganda. And the clever use of buzzwords. Like "misinformation", "disinformation", and "racism", and "extremism". Give me a break. Notice that the authorities won't call it lies, because the irony of the pot calling the kettle black would be too obvious. Propaganda. It's what George Orwell was trying to warn us about in his book '1984': about how language can be used to enslave us, and how it can be used to rearrange and reprogram our subconscious minds. And they know that appearances are EVERYTHING. Appearances of legitimacy and authority do more than actual legitimacy and authority. And people do a fantastic A+ job at acting like they're smart, repeating and parroting data, and minutiae and phrases and ideas of people that are much smarter than them, and passing these things off as their own. Because they have so much pride in their intellect, they cannot admit that they've been fooled.  So, in that spirit, I will drop a quote:


Anyone that wishes to break free from this LIE; this fake reality, and start seeing the TRUTH, must first toss aside their ego and pride, their academic indoctrination, ALL their previous systems of belief and ideologies, and be ready to go into the Twilight Zone and see that none of us really knows anything at all. Humility and admitting what you DON'T know is only the beginning of the journey in finding truth.


As a society, we worship people that have gone to college and have PhD's and degrees. But you know what? None of that makes you a smart person. All it makes you is someone who sat, in an indoctrination camp for for 4 - 8 years (or more), and repeated what you were told from a book that was approved for YOUR mind by the system that enslaves us all. And once you start getting into those heavy-hitting colleges like Harvard and Yale, you already know that the entire curriculum has been approved for your mind (with the agenda built right into it). How about history? They teach you an edited version of history, and in reality, it's all bullshit. A sculpted narrative with handpicked heroes and villains. They don't teach you the truth. They teach you what they want you to think. That's the beauty of the REAL misinformation. All these academics aren't lying if they are merely perpetuating what they believe they "know to be true". Ask yourself, how much of what you accept as "fact" have you first-hand tested and demonstrated, and how much of it did you just pick up from a book, or a documentary from trustworthy looking people with fancy titles?


Critical thinking abandons ALL presuppositions.

I'm not saying there's NO value in going to college. After all, I went twice myself. But what I'm saying is: keep it in perspective. It doesn't mean that you're a "smarter" person because you went. We are entitled to educate ourselves on the things that we want to. And we have to use discernment the entire way. And I think it is also good for us to explore and test all the things that we learn.


I could go on forever about all this, but I suspect much of this begins with the notion of "authority" and what that means to the individual. If you were to ask a handful of random people "Who/what has authority over you?", you'd get a variety of answers. Some would say that the government does, and refer to their tax-paying and Social Security number. But, the irony is there really should only be ONE answer: Ourselves. Our own Declaration of Independence (if you take the time to carefully read it) doesn't GIVE us our rights, it affirms the rights we were born with: that ALL individuals are born with "inalienable" natural rights, that are God-given and cannot be granted or taken away. Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness.




None masters, none slaves. Is this just obsolete rhetoric from a few centuries ago? Or is this common law, which should apply universally, and eternally for all of mankind. And I believe this in the core of my being and with all my heart and soul. We ALL have the right to live free and NOT be judged by superficialities.

And before all you Neo-Liberals get all upset and offended with what I'm saying, and attack me, ask yourself if I AM your enemy, or if I am trying to protect your right to live uninhibited, uncensored and truly FREE. We can't censor and cancel our way to safety and think that's freedom. That's called delusion. You can't have it both ways. If you cancel someone today, YOU WILL be the one canceled tomorrow. We either have complete freedom to express opinions and ideas, or we have NONE. Your choice whether you accept it, or not. Our collective souls hang in the balance. None of us are perfect, and shaming people for having different viewpoints, or for making mistakes will solve NOTHING, and we will live in a witch hunt world like Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451' where they burned all the books. No dissent was allowed. I would rather die than live in a world like that.

Faith in God has been replaced by faith in science. I think BOTH are essential, but, only one of these two things can truly be controlled by man. Either way, I recommend a PERSONAL relationship with these things, and not some third-party hand me down version, where someone else interprets the data for you. How much faith do you really have in mankind (and their agendas) NOT being corruptible? Do you REALLY believe they have your best interests in mind? We are being led around in circles by false priests of science. Because they know how gullible we are to that word:



(another buzzword, baby!)


It's about time we pull the veil from our eyes, and pursue real, tried-and-true wisdom and the meaning of freedom and sovereignty. Not this neo-social, "government approved", watered down version of freedom: aka; the "freedom" to order Ubereats, and watch European Netflix with a VPN, and the "freedom" to take more selfies captioned with grifter hashtag movements, while making up new pronouns for ourselves. Come on, people. We're better than this. Stop letting 'idiot-logues' with agendas tell you how to live and what to think. Instead, teach yourself HOW to think. You've only got ONE life. Make it the best it can be. 

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